Fan    >>   PJC60CF
  Key Features
  • Built in safety thermal fuse
  • Prevents overheating during prolonged use(heat resistance)
  • 5 speed electronic regulator
  • Double condenser & ball bearing motor
  • Built in safety wire
  • Wider sweeping blade

 Built in safety thermal fuse
 Prevents overheating during prolonged use(heat resistance)
 5 speed electronic regulator
 The mechanical movement of assembled parts are minimized because the regulation is controlled
 Double condenser & ball bearing motor
 Smoother spin, less vibration, extra durable. In the event of repair, bearings are easily available & easy to assemble
 Built in safety wire
 It secures the fan motor to the ceiling hook if the suspension system fails, the safety wire is able to stable the fan
 For more cooling power and quiet operation, no noise distortion
 Wider sweeping blade
Type Ceiling Fan